This project is the last urban complex development site of the three central areas of Manila in the Philippines to be built in the LCS Group-owned BLEMP site.

Metrowalk Project is the largest single complex development project [total area of 160,000㎡] in the Philippines, and the I-conic Tower [site area: 13,000㎡/ building area: 173,410㎡] will be constructed first. In the future, Area A [site area: 50,202㎡/ project area: 847,340㎡] will be carried out as the first project.

The first development site of Ortigas in the Philippines [area 50,202㎡ ] has been approved by the local government, including demolition, and construction permits have been issued for the first-phase development project [two offices and two residences].

In addition, the I-CONIC Tower development project will be carried out through the joint development method with the central government of the Philippines and after completion, PCGG, a government office under the central government of the Philippines, will move in.

The I-conic Tower development project has been officially received by PCGG, a department under the central government of the Philippines, and PCGG has requested the submission of detailed plans in an official document, and the final agreement will be made in December.

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