Supply, Support, and Delivery in Southeast Asia

Triton Defense and Logistics Inc. provides cutting-edge security and defense solutions. Be it for missions on land, air, or sea, we have the defense equipment for any type of situation.

We strive to lead the supply, support, and delivery of defense products in the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. You can count on Triton to deliver firearms, ballistic helmets, ballistic vests, SWAT equipment, red dot sights, hybrid explosive scanners, special purpose vessels, and other equipment designed to help you achieve success in your operations.

A Committed Team on a Mission

Founded in 2016, Triton has worked with several elite forces in the country within a year of establishing its defense procurement services. We have successfully completed contracts with the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Army. Our team of defense experts are continually exploring collaborations in the international market, while actively bidding in local public and government contracts.

From start to finish, our wide array of services are proven to be of great value to tactical projects. Our defense professionals can provide expert planning and advice all throughout the process. Triton’s team of experts have the knowledge and the experience needed to ensure that all defense options are thoroughly explored.

Through our collaborative efforts with international defense and tactical manufacturers, we can provide you with technology suited to your requirements. In our recent partnerships with the local military, we fulfilled the requirement for red dot sights and rigid hull inflatable boats. Whether you require ammunition, tactical body armor, or handheld shields, Triton can bring plenty of options to the table.

Triton goes above and beyond to provide timely and relevant support throughout the procurement process. You can trust our team to give you reliable end-to-end assistance. When you work with Triton, you’ll have a dedicated team working in the background to ensure your safety in the front lines.

High-Capability Defense Equipment Designed for Your Safety

The success of your defense projects and tactical missions depend on the products you are equipped with. Tell us what defense and tactical equipment you need so we can start working together. 

Headed by

Randy Singson

CEO - Defense


Cubao Quezon City Metro Manila

Date Established

November 23,2016

Major Projects

• Military Boats

• Force Protection Equipment


PHP 135,000,000.00

Annual Sales 

PHP 228,000,000.00

Total Assets

PHP 249,369,000.00